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Jun 06 2012

The first post, for lack of a better title

I will first start this blog by saying that I hope this one gets more attention than my Amsterdam abroad blog, of which I wrote three posts in six months.  I’m not a big fan of blogging, but I find myself with many thoughts, and no outlet to share them.

Needless to say I’m very excited to start this journey to Las Vegas!  The logistics of shipping my car, working on my Pre-Institute packet, and getting TB tests has stressed me out over the past three weeks, but I cannot think of anything else that excites me as much as teaching does.

I was a bit heartbroken when I returned to BC briefly on Monday, to realize that I’m no longer a senior, and that the time has come for the class of 2013 to take charge.  BC gave me many skills and a hell of a lot of motivation to start my adventure in Las Vegas, so I hope my friends and family remain with me through the sunshine and sorrows of the next two years.

To preempt the question of why I chose “seriouslyridiculous” as my name – I think those two words are pretty accurate in describing me.  I had a reputation at BC as an outgoing person who wasn’t afraid to push boundaries, but my closest friends know that I have very serious ambitions that I’ll do anything to achieve.  I don’t view TFA as a stepping stone to something better, but as a way to develop skills that will advance me no matter what career path I choose.

To the first of (not likely) many posts,


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